Adult Board

Adult Board
Executive/Governing Board
Co-Chapter Director(s):  Troy Taylor/Jamie Stephenson
Financial Director: Clint Merritt
STO Director: Allison Taylor
Secretary: Megan Hall
Festival Director:  Jamie Stephenson/ Mari Adams

Festival Board
Guest Artist Host: Debra Reeser
Guest Artist Coordinator:  Jamie, Mari, and Troy
Festival Crisis/Site Manager:  Jamie Stephenson and Melissa Bailey
Performance Coordinator:  Mari Adams
Performance Stage Manager:  Mitchell Morin
Individual Events Coordinator:  Megan Hall
Hospitality Coordinator: Melissa Bailey
Auction/Raffle Coordinator:  STO
Volunteer Coordinator:  Gail Brooks Allen
Junior Thespians Coordinator:  Diane Rowe 
College and Scholarship Coordinator:  Jamie Stephenson and Katie Dalrymple
Public Relations Coordinator:  Jennifer Kilpatrick
Webmaster:  Grant Stephenson
Membership/Recruitment Coordinator:  Katie Dalrymple
Awards Coordinator: Katie Dalrymple
Guest Relations Desk: Gail Brooks Allen
Improv Challenge Coordinator:  STO/Mari Adams
Improv Challenge Moderator:  Cassie Robinson
Registration Coordinator:  Troy Taylor
Showcase Coordinator:  Dianne Rowe/Melissa Bailey
Tech Challenge:  Jane Ganey
Judge Coordinator: Megan Hall/Valerie Lemmons
Opening number coordinator:  Melissa Bailey